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Summer Drinking Games

As I was flipping through my choices on Netflix the other night I came across That 70’s Show. I decided to watch a couple of the old episodes and came across a scene where the guys were playing quarters. It took me back to my college days and many forgetful nights. No seriously. I have no recollection of many of the nights where I was at a quarters table.

College kids and 20-somethings drinking games have evolved a long way from my days of quarters. In case you are now asking yourself, what drinking games are today’s 20-somethings playing? I am here to fill in the blanks.

Until recently, beer pong was the only drinking game that I knew was popular. However, upon attending a college graduation party for a USC grad this month I was introduced to a new game involving one team throwing a single die high into the air and letting hit a table below. The opposing team was then responsible for catching the die as it bounced off the table. If it hits the ground or the table a second time, the opposition drinks. If the opposition catches the die before it hits the ground, the die-throwing team drinks. A perfect throw is when the die hits the edge of the table and skims off directly into the ground. The game is officially known as beer die. For all the rules skim to the bottom of the article.

Now, throwing a die high up into the air is not a big athletic challenge, oh did we mention it has to go 9 feet high in the air, but catching that sucker after it hits the table requires world-class reflexes. It will literally spring off the table in a thousand different directions, or so it seems.

What’s your favorite drinking game? Is it quarters? Beer pong? Flip cup? The newest craze Beer Die? Or something else. Kandy wants to know. Tell us on social media using the hashtag #kandydrinkingames

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Beer Die Rules
The Necessities

  • Four Players, Two on each time
  • Dice
  • 8 ft x 2 ½ ft table
  • 4 Red cups – 1 cup placed in each corner of the table
  • Beer

How Points Are Scored

  1. Plunk – A player shoots the die into the opposing players cup. Remember the die has to go at least 9 feet in the air. The shooting team earns two points.
  2. If a player on defense drops the die, fails to catch the die after it hits the die, or uses more than a single hand to catch the die the shooting team earns a single point.
  3. If the shooting team throws a die into the air and it falls short of the midway point of the table the defending team earns a point.
  4. If a shot hits any of the red cups on the table it is considered a dead shot and no points are awarded.
  5. If a shot hits the centerline it is considered a dead shot and no points are awarded.

When Drinking Occurs

  1. Plunk – the team that gets plunked must finish their beers
  2. Shooter Misses the Table – the shooting team must take a sip of their beer
  3. Point Score – anytime a team has a point scored against, it must take a sip of its beer
  4. Number 5 – anytime the number 5 shows on the die on the table the team must chug its beers.

Photo Credit: Shutterstock / Wavebreakmedia

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